Dr. Asoka Biswas(Head of Department)
PhD (Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad)
Research Interests: Quantum Computing

Dr. Deepika Chouwdhury
Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee)
Research Interests: Experimental Nuclear Physics

Debangsu Roy
Department of Physics (PhD: Indian Institute of Science)
Research Interests: Insulating Spintronics
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Prof. Ishwar Singh Tyagi
Ph.D. ( University of Roorkee )
Research Interests: Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems ( Itinerant Ferromagnets, Heavy Fermions), Theory of Measurement in Quantum Mechanics ( EPR Problem, Quantum Zeno Paradox).

Dr. Kailash Chandra Jena
Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)
Research Interests: Interfacial Water Structure, Protein Folding, Soft Matter Interfaces and Colloids, and Model Membrane Systems

Dr. Mukesh Kumar
PhD (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)
Research Interests: Combinatorial thin films materials, nanostructures and flexible substrate for renewable energy

Prof. P. K. Raina
PhD (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)
Research Interests: Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics

Dr. Pushpendra P. Singh
PhD (A. M. University, Aligarh / Inter-University Accelerator Center, New Delhi, India)
Research Interests: Experimental Nuclear Physics & It's Applications

Prof. R. G. Pillay
Research Interests: Experimental Nuclear Physics, Low Temperature & Condensed Matter Physics and Accelerator Physics. Accelerator development & associated technologies, Cryogenics, Electronics and Instrumentation.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta
PhD: Harish-Chandra Research Institute, India
Research Interests: Quantum field theory, Black holes and Modular forms.

Dr. Rajesh V. Nair
PhD (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)
Research Interests: Photonic Band Gap materials, Nano-Optics and cavities in nanostructures
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Dr. Rakesh Kumar
PhD (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)
Research Interests: Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Dr. Sandeep Gautam
PhD (Physical Research Laboratory Ahmedabad)
Research Interests: Ultracold atoms, Quantum degenerate Gases at Finite Temperatures, Solitons and vortices, Spin-orbit coupled superfluids

Dr. Shankhadeep Chakrabortty
PhD (Institute of Physics(IOP), Bhubaneswar)
Research Interests: String Theory, AdS/CFT correspondence, Gauge/Gravity duality, Quantum Field Theory.

Dr. Shubhrangshu Dasgupta
PhD (Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad)
Research Interests: Physical modeling in quantum optics, nano-systems, and decoherence in physical systems

Dr. Sourav Bhattacharya
PhD (S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata, India (2011))
Research Interests: General Relativity, Cosmology, alternative dark energy/gravity models, and some aspects of Quantum Field Theory in curved spacetimes, pertaining spacetimes endowed with dark energy.

Dr. Subhendu Sarkar
PhD (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata)
Research Interests: Low energy ion beam physics, fabrication of nanostructures on semiconductor surfaces using ion beams, and secondary ion mass spectroscopy

Dr. Vishwa Pal
PhD (Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi)
Research Interests: Laser Physics, Optics & Photonics and Nonlinear Dynamics